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SciFi Pubcast

Dec 3, 2018

Episode 31 - On the Menu: What Makes a Good Star Ship? We Totally Geeked out. 

Welcome to the SciFi Pubcast! Come for a drink but stay for the speculation.

We totally geek out on this episode…

What makes a good star ship? The ability to get dates? No, that’s not it…

We discussed it at length and Chris McGuffin, podcaster extraordinaire, joins us.

It’s just like buying a car…. but for space travel…

So find the bar on this ship and get yourself a drink.

This is the SciFi Pubcast.

Music provided courtesy of Logan Rathbone. The SciFi Pubcast logo is by Jea Rhea. Recorded on December 2, 2018. Released on December 2, 2018. 

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